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What are you dreaming of?

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Do you love the beach? A lot of people will say that they like it or will go and spend a day once a year or so. For us, it’s so much more than a weekend trip to a giant swimming pool with sand castles. Staring out at the water, I complained that it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the Florida beaches we had been spoiled with the last 2 years. It occurred to me that if it weren’t for the colors that we see, there would be no difference in the ocean’s beauty, even on different coasts. The way that the waves crash with such uncontrollable force into anything and everything around it, itself included, yet each ripple seems so very organized and perfect. In my eyes, the ocean is the world’s most beautiful feature. There is a peace that I feel with my toes etched in the sand and the salty wind blowing against me. It’s freeing. It’s blissful. It feels infinite. I knew we would be setting out on a wonderful adventure, but I dreaded saying goodbye to the beach, even for a few weeks.

That being said, where is your “blissful place”? Have you found it yet? If not, will you go in search of it? It doesn’t always have to be a physical place; it could be a person or a daydream. While I love the water, nothing compares to the peace and inspiration that comes from simply sitting outside hand in hand with my amazing wife and partner in life. This month for us is all about getting inspired and gaining some momentum to get things done! The possibilities seem endless with a little inspiration and determination. What’s keeping you from entertaining the idea of the dream in the back of your mind, from it becoming your new reality?


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