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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your WordPress Site

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In today’s competitive online world, your website is crucial.


It affects how the market sees you and also what you can do regarding promotions and selling online.

You need to have a killer strategy to ensure your site succeeds, and one of the best ways to do this is with WordPress. But there are certain things you need to consider when using this platform.




With a standard website, you need to worry about hiring a developer to make every little change. This is because websites are built on several frameworks like HTML, CSS, and Javascript that all require in-depth knowledge of coding. This can make things get expensive fast. Luckily, with plugins, you can add or change virtually any feature to your WordPress site. Just search for the issue you’re having on your dashboard, and a range of free and low-cost plugins will appear.


Digital Marketing


According to this digital marketing company, there are 5 pillars of digital marketing: Advertising, SEO, Reviews, Social Media, and Content. WordPress is one of the best platforms for managing all of them. Many marketing approaches, like a single landing page and an email signup box, come ready to go in themes that you can purchase. This allows you to focus on the marketing copy instead of the technical aspects.




Without SEO, you won’t rank organically for your keywords in Google search results. This can reduce your profits immensely. WordPress is already optimized for SEO. That means you don’t need to code with HTML; you just need to include the right keywords in the different sections of your content so that Google can easily detect it. Using a plugin like Yoast can also help you in setting up your website for SEO.




Don’t just go with the first WordPress theme you see. There are many better options than the basic themes they provide. A better theme will have a better UI flow and even help with SEO if the HTML in the theme is optimized for ranking organically. Also, choose a theme designer who is constantly upgrading their themes so the usability of your site doesn’t break. Better yet, team up with Salt Inspired Design for a look that is entirely unique to you.




There are few things more annoying than having a comment box and only getting spammers sending you false offers. Avoid this with a spam filter (like Akismet) that catches spam before it ever hits your inbox. It’s also free to use and can save you hours of time so you can spend more time with customers instead of spammers.

When it comes to your WordPress website, you can’t afford to take shortcuts. You need the right tools and approaches on your site to ensure it runs well, ranks well, and works well for the user. That way you can sell more of your products and services and get the conversion that you’re aiming for.

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