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What better way to start building your brand than with a custom logo? Often, for creatives and entrepreneurs, we have so many ideas, but don’t know where to begin putting them into action.

With a custom logo from Salt Inspired Design, you get more than just a design to put on your website or social media. You get a custom identity, an eye-catching and memorable symbol of who you are and what your brand means to you and potential customers.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to update your existing logo, we are here to help you every step of the way. Send us a message so we can figure out exactly what you need.

Logo design includes:

One main logo mark, one submark, and one favicon design. The design process includes three main logo concepts, plus two revisions once logo concept has been chosen. 

Investment: starting at $300

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Latest Logo Projects

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Salt Inspired Design is Kyle and Carrie Goodman, a location independent, husband and wife team from Houston, Texas, currently by the beach in Florida.

We create WordPress websites and custom logos for daring, creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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