3 Awesome Ways a Professional Website Will Grow Your Business

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Resources, Web Design

Do you keep hearing that you need a website for your business? Whether you’re a coach, an illustrator, or a small business, a professional website is essential. Here are a few reasons why you need a website to keep growing your business:

1. Visibility


Have you ever searched the entire house for something, only to realize it isn’t even there? It could be at a family member or friend’s house, but you’re sure you’ll find it eventually (hopefully). It can also be really frustrating when it comes to potential clients or customers finding you online; their frustration is never a great first impression on your business.


Research indicates that 91% of people don’t go past the first page of their search results, and over 50% don’t go past the first 5 results! Now that sounds crazy and intimidating, right?


Okay, take a deep breath and let’s dig a little deeper.


Just like most things on the enormous World Wide Web, that information isn’t to be taken at face value. These results seem rather high, but there is a reason. Of the estimated 2.5 billion searches performed every day. a large number of those searches are Navigation searches. That simply means that the person searching had a pretty good idea of what they were looking for; they just needed something to point them in the right direction. But, for any new (or seasoned) business, it’s still important to get as close to the top as possible. That is something that a professionally designed site can help you with. When you’re shopping, you may not always take the shirt at the top of the stack, but I bet you rarely dig all the way to the bottom for one (poor bottom shirt).


2. Reliability


Sure, you can always reach an audience without a web presence. For many, it’s easier to do some marketing on social media and by word of mouth, and that may help a little. But in 2017, your web presence plays a large role when people are looking for small businesses. They want to know that you’re stable, that you’ll be around tomorrow if they need you, and that you’re current. Not only does your website help customers find you, but a combination of your website and social media allows them to get to know you, find your location, and connect with you. It’s that relationship that will build authority and dedication. We live in a world that constantly feels the need to be more and more connected to each other and the lives around them.


3. Sustainability


Now that you’re online, you have a free marketing tool at your disposal: your email list. Email lists can be amazing! Just imagine having a list of potential clients ready at all times, where all you have to do is press “SEND”. Even when you’re not pitching a sale, you have access to send all of your new potential clients important information, whether it’s a new product, changes at the store, or special promotions. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep building that relationship that will continue to grow with every update or click!


We hope this post was helpful, and we’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave us a comment below! And if you’re a creative entrepreneur or small business, and you don’t have a website yet, or you just need a website refresh, we offer a few different web design packages, or we can customize one to meet your needs. You can go to our web design services page here, or head over to our contact page so we can get started helping you get your dream website.


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